The Common Denominator DVD - Lift Truck Safety | £119.00

Part one of a five part series covering the safe and efficient use of the most common types of fork lift trucks.

This DVD is a great visual aid for fork lift training, addressing key aspects of lift truck safety common to all truck types before providing further detail on the safe operation of the counterbalance truck.

The general safety section at the beginning of this film should always be viewed in conjunction with the relevant truck specific DVD from the set to provide the viewer with rounded and relevant guidance.

Topics covered include:

  • Legal requirements - L117 Approved Code of Practice
  • Maintaining the truck - pre shift checks
  • Principles of counterbalance
  • Stability
  • Driving on inclines - laden and unladen 
  • Pallet and load assessment
  • Stacking and destacking
  • Loading and unloading of a lorry or vehicle
  • General safe driving rules

Full duration is 30 minutes but the DVD allows for chapter selection so that individual subjects can be chosen for refresher and experienced courses.


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