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How safe are your forklift operators?

From untrained to over-confident - how safe are your operators?

29th January 2020

How comfortable are your operators with their daily work? Do they some ...

Safe Systems of Work for Forklift Use

Get the most out of your Safe Systems of Work & massively reduce risk

18th December 2019

As we covered last time, employers have a legal duty of care to their ...

Your guide to forklift safety and the law

Your guide to forklift safety and the law

12th November 2019

For those who work with forklift trucks - either as an employer, opera ...

Shocking forklift safety statistics

How to avoid shocking safety statistics

4th October 2019

To be effective, managers must fully understand their role in upholdin ...

Forklift Safety Report

Report reveals industry safety shortcomings

1st October 2019

In support of National Forklift Safety Month this October, we've relea ...

proactive managers put theory into practice

How to create proactive managers who put safety policies into practice

14th August 2019

Do you find that despite your company having operator training, risk a ...

New testing standards for Category A trucks

New testing standards for Category A machines

12th August 2019

The Accrediting Bodies Association for Workplace Transport (ABA) have ...

2 commonly overlooked elements of forklift training

The 2 most overlooked elements of forklift training

8th July 2019

Most companies accept the need for basic forklift opeartor training, b ...

Managing Forklift Operations online course

New Managing Forklift Operations e-learning course

5th July 2019

We're thrilled to announce the upcoming launch of our all new Man ...

what basic forklift training must cover

What your basic forklift training must cover (& what it shouldn’t)

5th June 2019

Operator training is crucial for those required to use forklift t ...

Safe efficient forklift loading

Your guide to safer, more efficient forklift loading

1st May 2019

According to BITA analysis of recent RIDDOR reports, 1 in 6 work-based ...

Common causes of forklift tip-overs

4 causes of forklift tip-overs & how to massively reduce the risk

11th April 2019

A forklift tip-over can have terrible consequences. Vehicle and stock ...

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