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Staff training helps boost productivity, retention and morale

How helping your staff is helping your business

20th July 2017

In the third of our three-part series on the key benefits of training, ...

Lift truck training as an investment

It's time to see training as an investment, not a cost

29th June 2017

In the second of our three-part series, we present another key benefit ...

Lift truck safety campaign

'Show your hand' for new safety campaign

26th June 2017

This September, we're launching our 'Show your Hand' campaign - an ini ...

Benefits of lift truck operator training

Need to justify your training spend? 3 key benefits your company can't afford to overlook...

8th June 2017

Recent legislative changes have left UK companies who overlook H&S ...

Forklift truck damage

What the state of your truck says about your safety standards...

18th May 2017

Knocks, bumps, scrapes… There’s a commonly-held belief th ...

Revised ABA counterbalance and reach testing standards

Mentor all set to adopt new ABA standards from 1st July

16th May 2017

We’ll be adopting new Accrediting Bodies Association (ABA) stand ...

Young FLT operators

Your responsibility to young workers - make sure they're safe to start work

21st April 2017

Whether all forklift operators realise it or not, manoeuvring powerful ...

The law and forklift training

A guide to forklift training legislation: what you need to know

5th April 2017

Following the recent changes to UK sentencing guidelines, prosecutions ...

Health and Safety Scotland 2017

Mentor & FLTA tell the truth about forklift safety at Health & Safety Scotland

28th March 2017

We're joining forces with the Fork Lift Truck Association (FLTA) for H ...

FLT safety

The main root cause of forklift accidents revealed & how you can make a difference

22nd March 2017

Businesses that rely on forklift trucks are often fast-paced with dead ...

Three points of contact for forklift safety

Use simple 3-points-of-contact rule to prevent nasty falls

20th March 2017

Falls, slips and trips account for over a third of all UK workplace in ...

Foklift operator complacency

A complacent attitude to safety is now more risky than ever. Here's why...

9th March 2017

With constant advances in technology, vehicle cameras and CCTV are bec ...

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