5 top tips for lift truck safety when the nights are drawing in

1st November 2017

Now the clocks have gone back and its getting darker earlier, it's important that your staff take the relevant precautions to stay safe. We've put together our top 5 safety tips for working on and around forklift trucks in limited daylight…

  1. PPE: make sure PPE/hi-visibility clothing fits and is worn correctly. Ensure hi-vis jackets haven’t exceeded their maximum number of washes as this could negate their reflective properties.
  2. Lighting: make sure sufficient lighting is provided on site, in the right areas and on the lift trucks themselves. Regularly check all are in good working order and advise staff of any motion activated lights which may switch off after a set amount of time, leaving an area unlit.
  3. Moving in/outside: allow eyes time to adjust when going from light to dark areas and vice versa. Remember that light levels will change at different times of day as it gets darker earlier.
  4. Speed: adjust speed accordingly to account for limited visibility. Operate with caution.
  5. Operating area: ensure staff make themselves familiar with their working environment in good light so that they are aware of any potential hazards (such as potholes, obstructions) when they come to operate in lower light. Familiarisation with your working environment is one of the three required elements of training specified by the Approved Code of Practice, L117, which sets out the legal requirements for lift truck training. To find out what your business needs to do to comply, take a look at our 'Three elements of training' article

For further guidance on keeping your forklift operations safe, get in touch on 01246 555222 or by clicking here.

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