Fork lift awareness training for the whole workforce

10th May 2015

We are proud to launch our new, high-impact lift truck safety awareness course targeted not just at lift truck operators, but anyone who works in close proximity to them.

'Safely Working with Lift Trucks' focusses on dangers presented by lift trucks in the workplace and is targeted at operators, supervisors and pedestrians alike. According to HSE statistics, around 60% of injuries involving fork lift trucks are to pedestrians - we want this figure to be zero. To see a reduction in injuries it is imperative that all those working with lift trucks are fully aware of the hazards and are able to contribute towards a safe working environment by recognising good and bad lift truck operation.

Refocus attention on safe operation

In our experience many of the duties undertaken by workers on and around forklifts can be highly repetitive; 'Safely Working with Lift Trucks' recognises this, targeting behaviour at the root of bad habits and complacency. It reminds all delegates of the consequences of bad practice and the safety, practical and financial benefits of safe operation and creating a positive working culture.

At just two hours duration, the course is high impact but concise, meaning up to 30 delegates can be trained in one day and at minimal cost to your business. For more information, click here or contact one of our Training Co-ordinators on 01246 555222.

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