ForkAngles: Innovative forklift mast tilt indicator

22nd May 2015

We have introduced a new addition to our range of training materials and safety products, that aids safety and productivity and has the potential to help businesses make substantial savings in damage and repair costs.

Designed to be easily retro-fitted to a counterbalance truck, the ForkAngles mast tilt indicator allows the operator to accurately gauge when their forks are level without having to leave their truck, ask a colleague for assistance or utilise any other device.

ForkAngles works by detecting the change in distance between the mast and the vehicle body as the mast is tilted. This change in distance is used to move the indicator up and down at operator eye-level via a highly flexible wire cable attached to the vehicle body and the mast. The design principle is simple but the results are extremely accurate, with the capability to detect mast tilt angles to within 0.05 degrees.

Limit damage, wastage and down time

Not only does Forkangles help operators to make judgements efficiently and reduce the risk of dangerous and disruptive accidents - but it also has the potential to save businesses thousands of pounds, by limiting damage caused to racking and pallets and the likelihood of a dropped load.

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