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Advice and guidance on workplace transport safety and training, from forklift operations to management skills.

forklift training for agency workers

Agency workers: 3 steps to take before granting forklift access

10th December 2020

Whether a company is bolstering the team for a seasonal rush or just l ...

Managers role vital as forklift operations adapt

Why the manager’s role is vital as forklift operations adapt

1st October 2020

Companies everywhere have had to adapt and change quickly over the las ...

Forklift awareness training

Forklift awareness more vital than ever during unprecedented times

27th August 2020

Over recent months we have seen how quickly circumstances can change, ...

Forklift refresher training

Your guide to forklift refresher training post-lockdown

15th July 2020

At the start of lockdown, the HSE stated that, with justification, any ...

Forklift operators returning to work

Are your returning operators safe to start work?

10th June 2020

As the country begins to take steps out of lockdown, many employers ar ...

Legal requirements for MHE training during outbreak

Your legal requirements for MHE training during the outbreak

8th June 2020

There will be few employers who have found the last few months to be & ...

Forklift Training

Training during the pandemic: what the HSE guidance means for you

15th April 2020

The HSE recently issued a statement regarding the requirements for MHE ...

Forklift safety and damage reduction

Reduce the risk of costly damage in 3 simple steps

27th February 2020

Our recent forklift safety survey revealed that a shocking amount of b ...

How safe are your forklift operators?

From untrained to over-confident - how safe are your operators?

29th January 2020

How comfortable are your operators with their daily work? Do they some ...

Safe Systems of Work for Forklift Use

Get the most out of your Safe Systems of Work & massively reduce risk

18th December 2019

As we covered last time, employers have a legal duty of care to their ...

Your guide to forklift safety and the law

Your guide to forklift safety and the law

12th November 2019

For those who work with forklift trucks - either as an employer, opera ...

Shocking forklift safety statistics

How to avoid shocking safety statistics

4th October 2019

To be effective, managers must fully understand their role in upholdin ...

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