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Advice and guidance on workplace transport safety and training, from forklift operations to management skills.

proactive managers put theory into practice

How to create proactive managers who put safety policies into practice

14th August 2019

Do you find that despite your company having operator training, risk a ...

2 commonly overlooked elements of forklift training

The 2 most overlooked elements of forklift training

8th July 2019

Most companies accept the need for basic forklift opeartor training, b ...

what basic forklift training must cover

What your basic forklift training must cover (& what it shouldn’t)

5th June 2019

Operator training is crucial for those required to use forklift t ...

Safe efficient forklift loading

Your guide to safer, more efficient forklift loading

1st May 2019

According to BITA analysis of recent RIDDOR reports, 1 in 6 work-based ...

Common causes of forklift tip-overs

4 causes of forklift tip-overs & how to massively reduce the risk

11th April 2019

A forklift tip-over can have terrible consequences. Vehicle and stock ...

How to safely mount & dismount a forklift truck

5 basic forklift safety pitfalls & how to avoid them

6th March 2019

BITA analysis of recent RIDDOR reports show that, despite being a seem ...

Forklift attachment selection

Forklift attachments: simple checklist for safe selection

30th January 2019

There’s no doubt that forklift attachments – used correctl ...

Forklift Conversion Training

How to save time & money with conversion training

29th November 2018

Thankfully, it is now commonly accepted amongst most employers that op ...

Safety Harness Training

Is your work at height safety system a good fit?

8th November 2018

With an ever-increasing array of safety equipment available on th ...

Forklift Inspection System

Pre-use checks – 3 key things your operators must know

7th November 2018

Whatever you call them on your site – daily, pre-use or pre-shif ...

Forklift refresher training

Getting forklift refresher training right for your operation

1st October 2018

With no specified forklift refresher period set out by law, choosing t ...

Controlling forklift use on your site

How to keep forklift use to authorised operators only

22nd August 2018

In our previous blog post we stressed the importance of ensuring relev ...

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