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Advice and guidance on workplace transport safety and training, from forklift operations to management skills.

Controlling forklift use on your site

How to keep forklift use to authorised operators only

22nd August 2018

In our previous blog post we stressed the importance of ensuring relev ...

Authorisation to use forklift trucks

Before you authorise anyone to use forklifts on site…

26th July 2018

As a manager in charge of operations, you’d naturally want new s ...

forklift seatbelt use

Do lift truck operators need to wear seatbelts?

26th June 2018

There is a common myth surrounding the use of seatbelts in forklift tr ...

How long does forklift training take

How long should forklift training take?

24th May 2018

For many managers, staff training means striking a difficult bala ...

FLT Licence

No such thing as a lift truck 'licence': how to confirm driver competence

18th April 2018

Search the job adverts for lift truck operator vacancies and chances a ...

L117 Approved Code of Practice

L117: Your definitive, must-read guide to compliant forklift training & more

15th March 2018

Staying on top of the latest legal requirements, while managing your w ...

Safe operating distance - forklifts & pedestrians

Forklifts & pedestrians: how close is too close on your site?

8th February 2018

One look at the frequency and severity of recent forklift accidents sh ...

Forklift training plan

Make a forklift training plan worth sticking to in 2018

10th January 2018

While gym memberships may fall by the wayside before January draws to ...

Safe forklift operations this Christmas

Beat the seasonal stress & get everyone home safe for Christmas

14th December 2017

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas! But behind all the ...

Keep pedestrians safe around forklift trucks

Pedestrian access: take a walk on the safe side

23rd November 2017

When many managers think about forklift safety, the focus is often tho ...

Operating safety with less daylight

5 top tips for lift truck safety when the nights are drawing in

1st November 2017

Now the clocks have gone back and its getting darker earlier, it's imp ...


How safe are your new starters?

31st October 2017

With the Christmas rush fast approaching, it’s important to cons ...

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