MPQC Mineral Products Safety Passport

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The MPQC/SPA Contractor Safety Passport for Mineral Products, formerly known as the MPQC/SPA Quarry Safety Passport, provides all contractors who work within in the mineral extraction and products industries with a basic level of health, safety and environmental knowledge.

The Safety Passport Scheme for Mineral Products is designed to raise contractors’ awareness of their responsibilities for safety and enable them to identify relevant hazards and minimise risk as defined by MPQC.

The safety passport is not a measure of competence, but it is something all contractors operating within these industries are commonly expected to hold to show they have achieved an acceptable level of knowledge. Successful candidates also achieve a Level 2 MPQC award in Understanding Safe Working for Contractors in Extractives and Building Products Industries Sites (QCF).

Course Type Operator Experience Course Duration Delegates  

MPQC/SPA Contractor Safety Passport Scheme - Mineral Products

*Refresher course is a minimum of 4 delegates per course

Novice 2 Days 12 Maximum Make Enquiry
Novice (Exempt from day 1) 1 Day 12 Maximum Make Enquiry
Refresher 1 12 Maximum Make Enquiry

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