Managing Forklift Operations - E-learning

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E-learning solution to help busy managers fit training around daily demands.

Managing Forklift Operations is AITT accredited, and specifically developed for those responsible for overseeing forklift use.

It outlines managers’ and supervisors’ personal responsibilities for safety and provides the vital knowledge and confidence required to recognise bad practice and stop it in its tracks.

Not only does the course help businesses meet their legal responsibilities under Approved Code of Practice L117, it demonstrates the associated benefits of following best practice, giving managers the skills to help keep their businesses safe and profitable, for the long-term.

The online course meets all the objectives of the face-to-face course, but requires fewer total hours to complete and less time/cost to implement. For more information, take a look at our video overview.

Modules included:

1. The Importance of Good Management
2. How a Forklift Truck Works
3. Safe and Unsafe Driving
4. Safe Non-Driving
5. Managing Safely

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